Seo Pro Marvel Oscar Gibson – Owner Harrison – Customer service They didn’t do any SEO work in 3 months and we paid over 2K. They didn’t even write a blog post, absolutely nothing, they took our money and ran. And won’t return any calls or emails Dallas texas

BEWARE, 100 percent FRAUD!
They will literally take your money and run.
We paid them a lot of money for a lot of unfilled promises for website.
They didn’t do any of the work we contracted out for them to do.
Oscar the owner and Harrison are SCAM ARTIST! If it’s their real name?!?

When confronted about the work not being done, Oscar got confrontation, yelling and cursing at me and sending very unprofessional texts. TOTAL RIP OFF!

They were suppose to wrote 4 blog post a month.  6 weeks in and not one blog post completed or posted.  We kept asking finally they sent us 4 to review.  We stopped reading one page in as the grammar and content were un read able they apologized and said they would fix all the errors JUST WOW

We requested a refund, as they broke several things on our website and couldn’t fix what they said they would. They refused to refund us so we got the bank involved. Here are texts message from the owner him self Oscar. How unprofessional. I can’t even post some of the message as they are too in appropriate.

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